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    14. How can i remain faithful all my life?

    The question is not whether I can remain faithful all my life when I get married, but rather whether I am determined to stay with the person I marry for life. Every day, we are called to renew the commitment we made in Church on our wedding day; to say ‘yes’ in our everyday acts. […] More

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    Changing understandings of marriage (Anthony Fisher)

    2.1 The classical view of marriageWell, as the American pop-punk band Blink-182 once sang, “I’ve been here before a few times”. Thirteen years ago, then a newish bishop, I had the privilege of giving this annual lecture. I noted that marriage had traditionally been understood as “the union of a man and a woman to […] More

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    Don’t Mess with Marriage

    From the pastoral letter of the bishops of Australia: “Don’t Mess with Marriage” Beyond the effects on spouses and on children, redefining marriage to include same-sex relationships will have far-reaching consequences for all of us. The world around us influences the communities in which we live. Cultural and legal norms shape our idea of what […] More

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    The Truth of Marriage (Mark Coleridge)

    Australian-born Margaret Somerville is Professor of Law at McGill University in Canada and a world-renowned ethicist. In Sydney recently she said that “euthanasia is not an incremental change to current end-of-life practices but a radical and massive shift in our society’s and civilisation’s foundational values”. Her words could be adapted to same-sex marriage, which is […] More

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    9. Is happiness possible with a man or a woman who is not free?

    It is said that you cannot force love. So, what if I am attracted to someone who is not free to become involved in another relationship? Is happiness not more important than social rules? Do you really believe that someone who is already committed in a marriage relationship (1) and who tries to seduce you can […] More

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    7. Is happiness only for married couples?

    Marriage is not the only context in which we can fulfill our capacity to love. Friendship and the giving of ‘self’ are also precious expressions of love. To forsake marriage for the Lord is a calling. Those who answer such a call live their lives just as fully and in complete happiness. More

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