I am a Woman, I am a Mother: 10 Political Proposals


Women of the World has launched the “I am a Woman, I am a Mother: 10 Political Proposals”. It is a simple and practical document in which we propose 10 necessary, reasonable and feasible policies.

As you know, in Women of the World we believe that women contribute their feminine identity to different spheres, so we should take advantage of what implies complementarity with men. Not only in family life but also within the workforce, indeed.

We have prepared this document to give politicians a tool for social change worldwide. For instance, we are delivering our proposals by postal mail to the members of the European Parliament as well as national delegates from the United Nations.

Women’s incorporation to the labour market has been mistaken from the very beginning, because it followed a masculine pattern that ignored the feminine being and also motherhood. We advocate for a true and realistic conciliation since mothers, nor fathers are not the ones who have to fit their family life in the work pace, but the other way around, the labour market must reform its model and assume motherhood as an undeniable advantage for their career’s progress, a plus.

These political proposals include among others (we really encourage you to read the whole document):

– Public support to part-time contracts

– The treatment of the term “exclusive dedication to family” as a job category

– Tax benefits for women’s recruitment who, due to their dedication to family, have been out of the labour market a while ago.

– Substantial improvement of the widow’s pension with main or exclusive dedication to family

Our political proposals allow women to fully develop in their double dimension, woman and mother, respecting both, their feminine identity as their motherhood’s value and dignity, which has to be once and for all considered as a social value.



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