23. Accident or Creation?

So then we ask ourselves the question, ÒHow did we come to be? Is there something greater than this world and than mankind?Ó It is more difficult than we think to reject the hypothesis of God. To speak of “chance” as certain scholars have done is to make it into some kind of god. Some scientists have commented that if chance succeeded in making man out of the Big Bang, together with the stars and the first living cells, then chance must have won the grand prize in the lottery millions of times!

Others, who believe themselves to be confined to atheistic science, allow themselves to put a capital N on Nature or a capital E for Evolution, or a capital M for Matter… This is difficult to miss. Why not accept an intelligent God rather than the imbecile of chance?

If we have freedom, why not search for this God who leaves us free to meet him? And to hear him say to us “I love you and, if you want it, I promise you an eternity of love from this moment on”.

Man, the animal gifted with intelligence and reason, desirous of doing good, capable of loving and of being loved, is more than an animal. This unique being bursts out of the earth and evolution. And he is lifted up even higher because he is called by God. Made in the image of God, he is called to meet Him and to find his happiness in total freedom. This is what is meant by a spiritual soul.

From Instinct
To Freedom and Love
Apart from having the instinct of an animal, man has intelligence and freedom. This gives him the capacity to construct his life, to create, to innovate (technological progress) and to produce works of art. He can adapt himself to multiple and unexpected situations.
To be free is to have the ability not to be enslaved by instinct or impulses. It is to have the capacity to decide how I will live and what I will do with regard to an objective or a goal.
Freedom is not given once and for all. Man, “a cultured being”, can grow by his choices: he is able to be accountable for what he becomes and what he does. This is responsibility. Thus, there is a meaning to human freedom. Thanks to this freedom, we can love and this is what fulfills us.

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