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    15. Getting married – what does it add to our lives?

    Life as a couple – does it have anything to do with society and with the Church? Some people say: It has nothing to do with anyone but me, no one has any right to say anything about my marriage… There is some truth in this, at least in part. Marriage is first and essentially […] More

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    Lord Deliver Us From Ourselves (Raoul Follereau)

    Lord, teach us to not love only ourselves,to not love only those who are dear to us,to not love only those who love us. Teach us to think of Othersand love especially those whom no one loves. Lord, make us suffer the sufferings of others. Give us the grace to understand that in every moment,there […] More

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    17. Why have a family?

    We hear about love in a family, complaints in a family, problems in a family. Isn’t this because the family has its deepest roots in life and happiness? Modern psychology has shown the necessity of a loving family for the development of a child. Despite all of this, no one wants to see their parents […] More

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    10. Why him? Why her?

    When we see two people who are deeply in love with each other, we often think to ourselves that it makes sense because they have so much in common with one another; either they share the same interests, or else they go to school together, etc. In other words, we think we can explain love […] More

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    2. How can we be sure that we really love someone?

    We know from experience that it is difficult to be sure. We do not always see clearly. It is not easy, in every case, to be sure of myself or my feelings and to have to depend on tangible proofs or signs. Love is not like an idea with a definition or like a physical […] More

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    19. Giving Life? Does It Just Mean Having Lots of Children?

    Having children, is of course the first way to give life… and it is a beautiful and extraordinary adventure. However, there can be other ways. Adoption is one example, or a couple’s commitment to society, or to the poor. Personal Experience   August 1982: How happy I am! I became a grand-mother. My daughter just […] More

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