I believe in prayer (Father Andrea Gasparino)

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I believe that prayer is not everything, but that everything must begin with prayer: because human intelligence is too short and man’s will is too weak; because the man who acts without God never gives the best of himself.

I believe that Jesus Christ, by giving us the “Our Father” wanted to teach us that prayer is love.

I believe that prayer does not need words, because love does not need words.

I believe that we can pray in silence, suffering, working, but silence is prayer only if we love, suffering is prayer only if we love, work is prayer only if we love.

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I believe that we will never know exactly whether ours is prayer or not, but there is an infallible test of prayer: if we grow in love, if we grow in detachment from evil, if we grow in fidelity to God’s will.

I believe that only those who learn to be silent before God learn to pray.

I believe that only those who learn to resist the silence of God learn to pray.

I believe that every day we must ask the Lord for the gift of prayer, because whoever learns to pray learns to live. (Father Gasparino)

Padre Andrea Gasparino
7 aprile 1923 – 26 settembre 2010)
ha fondato a Cuneo (Italia) il
Movimento Contemplativo Missionario Charles de Foucauld
www.centromissionario.org tel. 0171 491263  

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