Lord Deliver Us From Ourselves (Raoul Follereau)

San Francesco d’Assisi cura i lebbrosi – del San Bardi DIPINTO, ca 1250 – ca 1250 Firenze

Lord, teach us to not love only ourselves,
to not love only those who are dear to us,
to not love only those who love us.

Teach us to think of Others
and love especially those whom no one loves.

Lord, make us suffer the sufferings of others.

Give us the grace to understand that in every moment,
there are millions of human beings,
who die of hunger without deserving to die of hunger,
who die of cold
without deserving to die of cold.

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Have pity, Lord, of the lepers,
who ask for your mercy
the hands without fingers …
and forgive us for having abandoned them.

Do not allow it any more, Lord
that we can be happy alone by ourselves.

Make us feel the pain of universal misery
and deliver us from ourselves. Amen.

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