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    39. I regret what I did : Is it too late to do anything about it?

    No one is ever very far away from God: He is not able to stop loving us.« You will not be forgotten by me. I have swept away your transgressions like a cloud, and your sins like mist; return to me for I have redeemed you. » (Isaiah 44:21-22) Personal Experience Four months ago, I […] More

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    35. Why does the Catholic Church make certain demands which run contrary to the opinion of many people?

    Isn’t it surprising that a large number of people, who ordinarily are not at all interested in the faith and teachings of the Church, suddenly become disturbed when she speaks out against abortion, the pill or in vitro fertilization. Is it not true that, deep down inside ourselves, we have doubts in our conscience, whenever […] More

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    Most Teens Aren’t Having Sex, and They Deserve More Support for That Choice

    A friend recently alerted me to a disturbing Teen Vogue article that is best described as an explicit “how-to guide” on anal sex for adolescents. In the piece, sex educator Gigi Engle uses dehumanizing language at times (like “vagina owner” for adolescent girls) to paint a positive picture of a sexual activity the CDC says […] More

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    31. What is Original Sin?

    God created man and woman in His image so that they may be happy both in daily human life and as children of God, sharing in God’s life and finding fulfilment through an unselfish gift of themselves. But man, misled by the devil who made him doubt God’s word, decided to depend only on himself. […] More

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    Cannabis and alcohol use, and the developing brain

    Meruelo, Castro, Cota, Tapert AbstractSex hormones and white (and grey) matter in the limbic system, cortex and other brain regions undergo changes during adolescence. Some of these changes include ongoing white matter myelination and sexually dimorphic features in grey and white matter. Adolescence is also a period of vulnerability when many are first exposed to […] More

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    30. What are the options when we cannot bear children?

    It is indeed a great trial for a couple to realize that there are difficulties for them to conceive a child. There are, in fact, very few couples who are completely sterile without any possibility of pregnancy, while some other couples, appoximately 10 %, are “hypo-fertile”, which means they will take longer to conceive a […] More

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