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    34. Masturbation is a trap?

    First trap: you experience it for the first time for various reasons – out of simple curiosity or a brutal discovery of your sexuality, through reading, television, solitude, emotional compensation or by being led along by friends…. But the physical pleasure which goes with it, leads very quickly to a repetition and then multiplication of […] More

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    I Asked God (Kirk Kilgour)

    I asked God to make me strongTo carry out marvellous plans:He has made me weak to preserve me humble. I asked God to make me healthyTo carry out great exploits:He’s given me pains to make me understand health better. I asked Him richness to own everything:He has made me poor so I could not be […] More

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    May the Lord show his mercy upon you (Joh Rutter)

    May the Lord show his mercy upon you;May the light of his presence be your guide;May he guard you and uphold you;May his spirit be ever by your side.When you sleep, may his angels watch over you;When you wake, may he fill you with his grace;May you love him and serve him all your days,Then […] More

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    No to the destruction of human embryos (Pope Francis)

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,I welcome you with joy, and I greet each one of you present at this opportunity for meeting and reflection dedicated to Huntington’s Disease. I wholeheartedly thank all those who worked to make this day possible. I am grateful to Dr Cattaneo and to Mr Sabine for their introductory words. I would […] More

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    A new text from Benedict XVI (Easter 2017)

    Ever since I first read the Letters of Saint Ignatius of Antioch in the 1950s, one passage from his Letter to the Ephesians has particularly affected me: “It is better to keep silence and be [a Christian] than to talk and not to be. Teaching is an excellent thing, provided the speaker practices what he […] More

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    Petition to the Virgin of the Rosary of Pompeii

    In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. O August Queen of Victories, O Sovereign of Heaven and Earth, at whose name the heavens rejoice and the abyss trembles. O Glorious Queen of the Rosary, we, your devoted children, assembled (on this solemn day*) in your Temple […] More

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