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    Give me a sweet and humble heart

    Holy Mary, Mother of God, preserve in me the heart of a child, pure and clean like spring water; a simple heart that does not remain absorbed … in its own sadness; a loving heart that freely gives with compassion; a faithful and generous heart that neither forgets good nor feels bitterness for any evil. […] More

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    Mary – Life narrated by the Gospels

    Mary was born in Nazareth from devout parents named Joachim and Anne. Even if Joachim of the house of David (Luke 1,32) and Anne of the house of Aaron (Luke 1,5;1,36) were small holders, they lived in modest economic conditions, but they were rich in holiness and virtues. When she was a child Mary was […] More

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    May the Lord show his mercy upon you (Joh Rutter)

    May the Lord show his mercy upon you;May the light of his presence be your guide;May he guard you and uphold you;May his spirit be ever by your side.When you sleep, may his angels watch over you;When you wake, may he fill you with his grace;May you love him and serve him all your days,Then […] More

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    And reincarnation? (49)

    Today we are rediscovering reincarnation through various oriental religions. For instance, we can read in the song of the blessed Krishna (the Baghavad Gita): “As a man throws away his shabby clothes to put on brand-new ones, the soul, stripping its used-up bodies off, unites with new ones.” (2,22). According to these religions, human life […] More

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    Lord Deliver Us From Ourselves (Raoul Follereau)

    Lord, teach us to not love only ourselves,to not love only those who are dear to us,to not love only those who love us. Teach us to think of Othersand love especially those whom no one loves. Lord, make us suffer the sufferings of others. SOSTIENI GLI AMICI DI LAZZARO E QUESTO SITO.Abbiamo davvero bisogno […] More

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    Act of trust (Blessed Rupert Majer sj)

    Lord, let happen whatever you will;and as you will, so will I walk;help me only to know your will!Lord, whenever you will, then is the time; today and always …Lord, whatever you will, I wish to accept, and whatever you will for me is gain;enough that I belong to you. Lord, because you will it, […] More

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