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    All Villages, Town and Cities in Edo state

    Information against trafficking in Nigeria: also geography it’s important. AKOKO-EDO LOCAL GOVERNMENT 1. Akuku 2. Ewan 3. Utua-Ufa 4. Igarra 5. Samorika 6. Sasaro 7. Ago-Ogbodo 8. Ijaja 9. Okpe 10. Oloma 11. UNEME 12. Aiyegunle 13. Aiyetoro 14. Eshawa 15. Ogbe 16. Ogugu 17. Oneme-Nekhua 18. Onomu 19. Ugboshi-Afe 20. Ugoshi-Efi 21. OKULUSHO 22. […] More

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    The Olokun – The Sea Goddess

    We continue to study also Edo religion, necessary to fight trafficking in Nigeria Edo State is located in the South Western region of Nigeria. It is populated by the Bini, the Afemai , the Ishan, Etsako, Sabongida-Ora, Irrua and Esan. Its neigbours in the West are the Yoruba of Ondo State, to the North, the […] More

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    Traditional Education Among Edos

    We continue to study Edo tradition, necessary to fight trafficking in Nigeria The Edo-speaking people of the old Benin Province and parts of Delta,Rivers and Ondo province and patrs of Delta,Rivers and Ondo Provinces belong to the Kwa language family groups of the Western Sudanic languages like Yoruba,Igbira,Igala and Ibo.They are divided into four groups […] More

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    Benin City districts

    Other information for those who are working against trafficking of Nigerian girls in Europe BENIN DISTRICTS QUARTERS.The Provinces. -Benin City.-The King’s Compound. -Bronzes. DISTRICTS.THE OBA’S central province was bound by the riversOYISA, OKWO, OVIA, OLUKUN, AWREHOMO, and IKPOBA. From the city through this province to six outlying districts or provinces, six great roads led, and […] More

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    Stop Surrogacy Now Statement

    We are women and men of diverse ethnic, religious, cultural, and socio-economic backgrounds from all regions of the world. We come together to voice our shared concern for women and children who are exploited through surrogacy contract pregnancy arrangements.Together we affirm the deep longing that many have to be parents. Yet, as with most desires, […] More

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    Crime in traditional society

    In traditional African society the sacred and the secular are inseparable. There is no compartmentalization of life. What religion forbids or condemns, society also forbids and condemns, and similarly society approves those things which religion approves or and sanctions. An offence against God is an offence against man, and like manner an offence against man […] More

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