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    No one should be forced! (Grace, 24 years old)

    Grace was educated in Nigeria until the 10th grade after which she was sent to work to help support her family, who lived in poverty. She worked for three years at various jobs, during which time she was raped and gave birth to a son. Her father told her that as a woman, she was “predestined by […] More

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    Child Trafficking in the world (2017)

    American College of Pediatricians – November 2017 Children are the world’s future. Child trafficking, as with few other threats to their well-being, undermines the future of children, families, and societies. In the United States, it is estimated that up to 300,000 children are victims of sex trafficking, also known as Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST). […] More

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    Glory, a child saves me (true story)

    JANUARY – I have been exploited for nearly a year. I had to give 45.000 euros. I wanted to come to Italy to work and on the contrary, I was insulted and obliged to sell my body as a prostitute. In Nigeria, I had never seen one. The nights on the street were all ugly […] More

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    2017 Report on the Nigerian (and not only) trafficking in Turin and province

    The street unit of the association “Amici di Lazzaro” Since 1999 the association helps and listens to women victims of trafficking and exploitation, meeting them on the street with a mobile unit made up of 5-8 volunteers. It offers information on escape routes, creating support and listening relationships, which over the years have led over […] More

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    Europe a Paradise? Don’t believe to all the stories!

    Did someone promise you A BETTER LIFE BY GOING TO EUROPE? WARNING TO WOMEN! This folder is meant to explain to women the possible dangers involved in migrating to Northern and Western Europe.  Know This …. There have been many women with dreams like yours. MariaMaria couldn’t find work which would enable her to support […] More

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    Edo Tradition

    Like the ancient Greeks and Romans, the Edo society/village is divided into grades. Most times, these grades are age-based. There are rites of intiation into these grades. Your seniority in the grade depends on when you were initiated into the grade. The Edo grade are as follows: a) IKPOLO UGHE (Ikpolughe). This group is made […] More

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