trafficking and exploitation

Traces of Nkici-Ism among the Bini

We need to study Bini traditions to fight trafficking of Edo women… TRACES OF NKICI-ISM AMONG THE BINI TheWeek.-The Year.-The Seasons.-The Rivers.-A Temple.-Wells.Trees. -Omens. -Animals. THE BINI SEASONS. THE Bini have now eight days in […]

Education and culture

Child Trafficking in the world (2017)

American College of Pediatricians – November 2017 Children are the world’s future. Child trafficking, as with few other threats to their well-being, undermines the future of children, families, and societies. In the United States, it […]

trafficking and exploitation

Glory, a child saves me (true story)

JANUARY – I have been exploited for nearly a year. I had to give 45.000 euros. I wanted to come to Italy to work and on the contrary, I was insulted and obliged to sell […]

trafficking and exploitation

Bini dances

Other cultural information, interesting for those who are working against trafficking of Nigerian girls in Europe and Africa IN the afternoon of February 2nd, 1903, after rather a long march, we entered UREZEN, a town […]

trafficking and exploitation

I was hungry and you bought me

Everything started in the Eighties. The girl slave trade for sexual exploitation was one of the many illegal activities managed by Nigerians. Then it was consolidated in the decades to follow, becoming a significant and […]

trafficking and exploitation

China TIER ranking: TIER 3 (TIP 2019)

The Government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) does not fully meet the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking and is not making significant efforts to do so; therefore China remained on Tier […]

trafficking and exploitation

Protection against human trafficking in China (TIP 2019)

The government decreased efforts to protect victims. For the second consecutive year, the government did not report how many victims it identified, although media reports indicated authorities continued to remove some victims from their exploitative […]

trafficking and exploitation

Prevention of human trafficking in China (TIP 2019)

The government maintained minimal efforts to prevent 143 trafficking and carried out policies that perpetuated widespread forced labor. Authorities held a sixth annual inter-ministerial meeting to coordinate anti-trafficking efforts. MPS continued to coordinate the anti-trafficking […]

trafficking and exploitation

China’s trafficking profile (TIP 2019)

As reported over the past five years, human traffickers subject domestic and foreign individuals to trafficking in China, and they subject Chinese individuals to trafficking abroad. Traffickers also use China as a transit point to […]