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    Pope Francis to the Judges’ Summit Against Human Trafficking and Organized Crime

    I would like to warmly greet you and renew the expression of my esteem for your cooperation and contribution towards human and social progress, a task of which the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences is more than capable. If I’m happy for this contribution and proud of you, it is in consideration of the remarkable […] More

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    Nigeria caught in new slavery: sex for export, let’s say NO!

    TRAFFICKING IN WOMEN Every year many Nigerian women are recruited for this trade. People working for this recruiting exercise are everywhere from Nigeria to Europe. These women are given false hope of empty promises of good jobs, marriages and opportunities of various kinds, which do not exist. With all honest belief the victims, their parents […] More

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    Bini dances

    Other cultural information, interesting for those who are working against trafficking of Nigerian girls in Europe and Africa IN the afternoon of February 2nd, 1903, after rather a long march, we entered UREZEN, a town not far from UDO, in the A mound of clay under a rough seat, studded with pots and an iron […] More

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    No one should be forced! (Grace, 24 years old)

    Grace was educated in Nigeria until the 10th grade after which she was sent to work to help support her family, who lived in poverty. She worked for three years at various jobs, during which time she was raped and gave birth to a son. Her father told her that as a woman, she was “predestined by […] More

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    All Villages, Town and Cities in Edo state

    Information against trafficking in Nigeria: also geography it’s important. AKOKO-EDO LOCAL GOVERNMENT 1. Akuku 2. Ewan 3. Utua-Ufa 4. Igarra 5. Samorika 6. Sasaro 7. Ago-Ogbodo 8. Ijaja 9. Okpe 10. Oloma 11. UNEME 12. Aiyegunle 13. Aiyetoro 14. Eshawa 15. Ogbe 16. Ogugu 17. Oneme-Nekhua 18. Onomu 19. Ugboshi-Afe 20. Ugoshi-Efi 21. OKULUSHO 22. […] More

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    The Olokun – The Sea Goddess

    We continue to study also Edo religion, necessary to fight trafficking in Nigeria Edo State is located in the South Western region of Nigeria. It is populated by the Bini, the Afemai , the Ishan, Etsako, Sabongida-Ora, Irrua and Esan. Its neigbours in the West are the Yoruba of Ondo State, to the North, the […] More

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