Family Day in Roma (20 june) – To promote the child’s right to grow up with Mom and Dad

familyday“To promote the child’s right to grow up with Mom and Dad, we want to defend the natural family from the assault which is constantly subjected from this Parliament, we want to protect our children from the propaganda theories of gender that is advancing surreptitiously and in an increasingly worrying in schools. ” The committee “Since mom and dad,” explains the convening in Rome on June 20 for an event that promises to be impressive in defense of the institution of marriage, the family composed of a man and a woman, the child’s right to have a mother figure and a father, without having to suffer, right from kindergarten, the propaganda of ‘”gender ideology” defined by Pope Francis “an error of the human mind.” Promoters explain: “We call for national mobilization all people of good will, Catholics and lay people, believers and non-believers, to say no to the advance of bills, such as the bill Cirinnà, that of ‘” gender ideology “are the crowning. Bills that arrive until the legitimacy of the practice of the womb for rent. We will meet in the square in Rome, lined up in defense of the family and of the weakest, away from children. ” The event, to be held in Piazza San Giovanni from 15.30, is sponsored by the Committee “From Mom and Dad” whose members are personalities from various associations including Simone Pillon, Giusy D’Amico, Toni Brandi, Filippo Savarese, Constance Miriano, Mario Adinolfi, Jacopo Coghe, Maria Rachele Ruiu, Paolo Maria Floris, Alfredo Mantovano, Nicola Di Matteo. Committee spokesman Massimo Gandolfini is the neurosurgeon. Monday, June 8 at 11 Hotel Nazionale Piazza Montecitorio will be held the press conference to present the event.

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