faith and spirituality

Take Off the Veil, Sister

“I call on you, my Muslim sister, to take off the veil. This is an honest call… Its intention is not to defile you, nor to encourage you to [moral] lassitude. I call on you […]

faith and spirituality

Saint Gemma Galgani. Diary

– Today I believed I was free from that ugly beast, but on the contrary it has called me much. I wanted to sleep, but it began with such blows, that I thought I would […]

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Faith and Spirituality

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Educational emergency

  • Esistono degli indicatori che possono farci capire se un bambino si trova in condizioni di trascuratezza. Premessa importante: sono degli indicatori, dei segnali di allarme che vanno “letti” ma che da soli non danno la certezza [...]
  • A partire dagli anni Novanta i governi, sia delle aree geografiche in cui la pratica è diffusa sia delle aree in cui la pratica rientra perché effettuata dalla popolazione immigrata, hanno iniziato ad intervenire nella [...]
  • Nelle donne infibulate in gravidanza, oltre alla difficoltà di effettuare controlli ginecologici in quanto è impossibile introdurre lo speculum, si possono sviluppare infezioni urinarie e vaginali tali da compromettere la gravidanza stessa.Durante il parto il [...]


faith and spirituality

I Asked God (Kirk Kilgour)

I asked God to make me strong To carry out marvellous plans: He has made me weak to preserve me humble. I asked God to make me healthy To carry out great exploits: He’s given […]

faith and spirituality

Mary – Life narrated by the Gospels

Mary was born in Nazareth from devout parents named Joachim and Anne. Even if Joachim of the house of David (Luke 1,32) and Anne of the house of Aaron (Luke 1,5;1,36) were small holders, they […]

faith and spirituality

A new text from Benedict XVI (Easter 2017)

Ever since I first read the Letters of Saint Ignatius of Antioch in the 1950s, one passage from his Letter to the Ephesians has particularly affected me: “It is better to keep silence and be […]

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