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In evidence

16. Having children today, Isn’t it crazy?

Many people ask themselves this question. One can understand why when looking at the problems we face in the world: economic crisis, ecological deterioration, under-development, war, etc. But the question is more involved than this. […]

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The Italian feminist against surrogacy

We cannot regard surrogacy as a gesture of freedom or love. In Italy the practice is illegal, but in our world the ‘elsewhere’ is here: Italian “customers” can choose from various countries to find a […]

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Is It Time To “Trot Out A Toddler?”

In his groundbreaking Pro-Life book, Persuasive Pro-Life, Apologist Trent Horn teaches pro-life ambassadors how to stay on message using a technique called “Trot Out A Toddler.” Most failed conversations about abortion happen when the pro-life […]

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The scientific research on the Shroud

The scientific research on the Shroud As mentioned earlier, it is the first photograph taken in 1898 that initiates a totally new and fascinating period: that of the “scientific history” of the Holy Shroud. The […]

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