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trafficking and exploitation

Prosecution of human trafficking in Albania (TIP2018)

The government decreased law enforcement efforts. Articles 110(a) and 128(b) of the criminal code criminalized sex and labor trafficking and prescribed penalties of five to 15 years imprisonment and a fine between two million lek […]

bioethics and life

Surrogacy: No Laughing Matter

On April Fools’ Day last year, a German LGBTI website came under attack for announcing the raffle of a surrogate mother in Thailand and an egg donor for a gay couple. The ‘package’ was said […]

trafficking and exploitation

Bini dances

Other cultural information, interesting for those who are working against trafficking of Nigerian girls in Europe and Africa IN the afternoon of February 2nd, 1903, after rather a long march, we entered UREZEN, a town […]

The Reason of Faith

Perecuted Christian

Marriage and Love

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