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In evidence

16. Having children today, Isn’t it crazy?

Many people ask themselves this question. One can understand why when looking at the problems we face in the world: economic crisis, ecological deterioration, under-development, war, etc. But the question is more involved than this. […]



Faith and Spirituality

Gospel to muslims

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Educational emergency


trafficking and exploitation

Prosecution of human trafficking in Italy (TIP2018)

The government increased law enforcement efforts. The 2003 Measures Against Trafficking in Persons law criminalized sex and labor trafficking and prescribed penalties of eight to 20 years imprisonment, which were sufficiently stringent and, with respect […]

marriage and love

The importance of marriage and family

The Catholic Church cares deeply about marriage because it is a fundamental good in itself, a foundation of human existence and flourishing, and a blessing from God. The decision to commit permanently and exclusively to […]

The Reason of Faith

Perecuted Christian

Marriage and Love