I had an abortion and i understood

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I became pro-life 20 years ago, about five minutes after the painful removal of my baby from my body. As far as I knew, pro-choice women had ruined my life by having an abortion. They lied about me to minimize the consequences of abortion. I didn’t tell anyone about the abortion and it took me ten years to find a way out. When I recovered and got over the abortion, pro-life women rushed to my side and lifted me up. Pro-life women are not what I thought they were. I had a misguided preconception about the character of pro-life women. I assumed they were all bigoted, radical, judgmental, self-righteous and unconcerned about my well-being, so I wanted nothing to do with them. I thought these women were very conservative, wore protest signs on their wombs, always carried in their bags model embryos, rosaries, etc.

These stereotypes in my mind are the main reason I identify myself as pro-choice. I don’t want to live, talk or dress like them. What do you know about women who are pro-choice? Most of them have had an abortion. Pro-life women come from different religious and ethnic backgrounds. Some are vegetarians, some have tattoos and blue hair. There are atheists, Muslims, lesbians, and even Democrats and feminists! Some women carry Gucci handbags, others carry shopping bags. This year alone, pro-life women have closed abortion clinics, changed policies, opened pregnancy clinics, made pro-life movies, cared for women after abortion, found new jobs for abortion workers, cried and prayed with women, met with Obama and Trump, educated women about abortion, educated women about the lives of their babies. We fought everywhere to save her. Despite what the media would have you believe, their numbers are growing. I am one of them. I am happy and proud.

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