I was hungry and you bought me

tratta1Everything started in the Eighties. The girl slave trade for sexual exploitation was one of the many illegal activities managed by Nigerians. Then it was consolidated in the decades to follow, becoming a significant and real business, well structured and particularly profitable. Right from the beginning, Turin had been the landing stage and transit camp. Benin City was the organisational and logistic recluting base. Since July 2007, Italian and Nigerian nuns have opened a new shelter in Benin City to welcome those who go back to Nigeria and need care and rehabilitation.

Because you are hungry.

Dona ora. Grazie!

Because everything is lacking: running-water at home – when you have a real home and not a shack – money for food, petrol at the pump… Because at school there was no space for you. And there is no work and no justice. Because what happened to others cannot happen to me: those stories are all made up!

Because I am more intelligent and clever: I will be a hairdresser or a dressmaker… Because if you have a dream, you never believe the person who tries to wake you up.

Because dreaming is the only thing you have left, when you have nothing. And for a dream you are prepared to do everything…

If you want to help a girl exploited or desperate , please contact us Amici di Lazzaro (+39 3404817498).

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