Nigeria caught in new slavery: sex for export, let’s say NO!


Every year many Nigerian women are recruited for this trade. People working for this recruiting exercise are everywhere from Nigeria to Europe. These women are given false hope of empty promises of good jobs, marriages and opportunities of various kinds, which do not exist. With all honest belief the victims, their parents entered into such agreement as a sort of paradise that will help and improve their families.

Dona ora. Grazie!


On arrival at the port of entry, these women are forced in prostitution. Often they have no knowledge of the local language. They are totally at the mercy of the perpetrators who threaten them and where they do not co-operate they are abused and sometimes killed. Some of these women are sold from one « madam » to another and finally they are exposed and behaviour who use them as sex toys.


In the countries, we visited in Europe we met many unhappy women who were deceived to travel, complaining of their disappointment that those who brought them to Europe and promised them good jobs, high salaries and happy marriages only brought them as a means to get rich by engaging them into prostitution of various kinds.


You need genuine travelling documents like passport and Visa of your own to enter the country.

You need a working permit and Residence permit to have a good job and live a peaceful life in Europe.

There is a high level of unemployment in Europe so it is not easy to get a job.

You do not get all the money you make from prostitution, what you get is far less than what you are working for.

The mental tortures and the dangers involved in the prostitution business are unbearable and are not worth the sacrifice.


Make sure you have valid travelling documents.

Make sure you know the people who are assisting you to travel very well and it is legal.

Find out from the embassy of the country of your destination if the type of job opportunity you are offered exist and what the company inviting you does.

Contact bodies in your countries that can assist you with useful information.

Do not travel without your family’s knowledge. Tell them your departure date, country, names and address of persons you are travelling with, ask for their photographs, and give these to your family.

Where your family are the people insisting you should go and you know it is for prostitution contact, groups and institutions than can assist you.

When you get in trouble, contact a lawyer to assist you. They might be able to obtain free services for you.

Do not hand over your passport to anybody.

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