Nigerian names e Ghana names

Nkiruka En-Kee-Roo-Ka The Future is Bright Female Igbo Nigeria
Kumapayi Kuh-Ma-Kwa-Yi “Death preserve this life” Male Yoruba Nigeria
Olateju hur lah teh ju abundant and spread wealth Neutral YORUBA Nigeria
Abisola ah-bee-saw-la Born into wealth Female Yoruba Nigeria
Toluwani Toluwani God’s own Neutral Yoruba Nigeria
Ekenesenarhienrhien E Ke ne se nar hien rhien appreciation meaning that you appreciate what God has given you Female Edo Nigeria
Modupe Modupe I thank God Female Yoruba Nigeria
Ubong oo-bong who has his own throne Neutral Ibibio Nigeria
Esosa E so sa God’s Blessing Neutral Edo Nigeria
Chisom Chi so m God is with me Female Igbo Nigeria
Adenrele Ah-Dey-Ren-Lay It means “Ade”, the crown has headed home to roost Neutral Yoruba Nigeria
Monifeoluwa Monifeoluwa I have the Love of God Neutral Yoruba Nigeria
Bandele Ban Day Lay come home with me. Usually given to children born away from homeland. Neutral Yoruba Nigeria
Omozefe Omo-zefe Child of wealth(Efe means wealth) Neutral Esan Nigeria
Chioma Chee-o-ma Good God, Good Luck, God’s Gift Female Igbo Nigeria
ETIOSA AIR-TIO-SA Gods power Male Edo Nigeria
Nneka n-n-ay’ ka Mother is Supreme!!! Female Ibo Nigeria
Mojolaoluwa Mojolaoluwa I’m enjoying the wealth of God Neutral Yoruba Nigeria
Oluwakemi Oluwakemi God Pets me Female Yoruba Nigeria
Oluwarotimi Oluwarotimi God thought of me Male Yoruba Nigeria
Oluwatosin Oluwatosin God is worthy to be worshipped Neutral Yoruba Nigeria
Oluwaseun Oluwaseun Thank You Lord Neutral Yoruba Nigeria
Oreofe Oreofe Grace of God Neutral Yoruba Nigeria
Anuoluwapo Anuoluwapo Abundant mercies of God Neutral Yoruba Nigeria
Olaoluwa Olaoluwa Wealth of God Neutral Yoruba Nigeria
Adeyemi har dey yeh mi CROWN FITS ME Neutral YORUBA Nigeria
Oluwafemi Oluwafemi God loves me Neutral Yoruba Nigeria
Egheosa Ay-goh-sa God’s time Male Edo Nigeria
ayodeji ah-yo-de-jee Joy is doubled – used for a second child Neutral Yoruba Nigeria
iroro ee-row-row wisdom Neutral Urhobo Nigeria
Chukwunomnso Chukwunomnso God is close to me Male Ibo Nigeria
Ehigiele Er hi jay le God sent Male Esan Nigeria
Chima Tchi-ma God knows Male Igbo Nigeria
Ifeyimika Ifeyimika Love surrounds me Female Yoruba Nigeria
Ebehiremen Ay- be-hi-re-me What God has given me Female Esan Nigeria
inufele inu fele skinning stomach Neutral yoruba Nigeria
Ameze Ah-meh-Ze waters of the river Female Edo Nigeria
Tochukwu Tochukwu Praise God Neutral Igbo Nigeria
Chinwe chee-nwe God’s own Female Igbo Nigeria
Oluwaremilekun oh loo waa Remi lay coon God has comforted me. Neutral Yoruba Nigeria
chinagozi chi nar gor ze god blesses Neutral igbo Nigeria
Awe Ha -Weh Small but Strong Male Yoruba Nigeria
folasade folasade crowned with wealth Female yoruba Nigeria
Oluwadamilola Oluwadamilola God gave me wealth Neutral Yoruba Nigeria
Rukayat ru-ka-yat arabic Female arabic Nigeria
Chinua Chi nuer Let god fight my battle Male Igbo Nigeria
Adetoun Ah-day-to-oon Princess Female Yoruba Nigeria
Oruenene ore-roo-aye-nay-nay Theres a day for everyone Neutral kalabari Nigeria
Diyepiriye The YE Pee Ree Ye Gift Neutral Kalabari Nigeria
Somieariye So Me Are IRee Yay God’s work Neutral Kalabari Nigeria
Adepeju Ah dey kpe ju ade means crown,peju means coming together. so Adepeju means presence of all the crowns. Neutral yoruba Nigeria
obafemi oh-ba-femi loved by the king Male yoruba Nigeria
Amenawon ah-meh-na-won Soothing water Female Edo Nigeria
Eghonghon Ay- hon-hon Joy Female Esan Nigeria
Amouwve ah-mou-were morning dew Female Edo Nigeria
Odianosen O-di-no-sen It is well Neutral Esan Nigeria
Isimeme Isi-me-me Distance is good for me(given to children with parents from different tribes) Female Esan Nigeria
EFOSA AIR – FOE – SIR God’s wealth Male Edo Nigeria
ijosé e.jaw.seh Dance in wealth – ‘ose’ is intangible wealth in edo Neutral Edo Nigeria
obano o-bah-noy He is the king Male Edo Nigeria
ofure o-fuu-ré The gentle one Neutral Edo Nigeria
esohé eh-soy-heh Divine gift Female Edo Nigeria
Chizobam chee-zo-bam God continously save me Neutral Igbo Nigeria
Adaobi Adaobi daugher of a prominent person Female igbo Nigeria
omolabake omo labake its better to take care of your child Neutral yoruba Nigeria
Chigozieanyi Chi-go-zie-anyi God Bless us or God Bless all of us Neutral Igbo Nigeria
Chigozie Chi-go-zie God Bless Neutral Igbo Nigeria
Chikezie Chi Ke Ziea God has created a perfect one Male Igbo Nigeria
chike chi kay god is alive Male Igbo Nigeria
Ogbonna ogbonna image of his father Male Igbo Nigeria
Kelechi Kay – Lay – Chee Thank God Neutral Igbo Nigeria
Adaora a-do-ra First born duaghter of all Female Igbo Nigeria
Azuka Nkutaazuka My support is more than money. Neutral Igbo Nigeria
ogheneufuoma or – gain-nay-uf-for-ma God gives me peace Neutral Urhobo Nigeria
unyime u-yi-may God’s will Neutral ibibio Nigeria
enoabasi e-noh-a-ba-si God’s gift Female ibibio Nigeria
ofonime o-fon-e-may patience is good Neutral ibibio Nigeria
Ehije Air-He-Jay Sent by God Male Edo Nigeria
Busola Bu- sor- lar Adding to our wealth Female Yoruba Nigeria
Olanrewaju Or-lan-reh-wa-ju My wealth is progressively increasing Neutral Yoruba Nigeria
Moboluwarin Moboluwarin I walk through life with Almighty God on my side. Male Yoruba Nigeria
Oseghale Ose-gha-lé It’s God that giveth. The abbreviated and most common form of this name is Oseghae. Male Ishan Nigeria
Efemena Efemena Here is my wealth Neutral Urhobo Nigeria
ADESUWA ADESUWA In the middle of wealth Female Edo Nigeria
Imose E-moh say Beautiful Female Edo Nigeria
oluwaseyi oh-lu-wa-she-yi God has done this Neutral yoruba Nigeria
oluwademilade oluwademilade God has given me a crown Neutral yoruba Nigeria
adebayo adebayo the crown has met with joy Male yoruba Nigeria
adefolarin adefolarin the crown walks with wealth Male yoruba Nigeria
Mobolaji mow-bo-la-ji i woke up with waelth Neutral yoruba Nigeria
zuléma soe-lee-ma goddes of freedom Female jeroba Nigeria
etti he ti power Neutral yoruba Nigeria
Omoye oh-moh-yeh Blessed baby Female Edo Nigeria
Nkediniruka Nkemdiniruka That ahead of me for the future’s greater Female Igbo Nigeria
IFEOMA IFE-OMA Precious Female Igbo Nigeria
chizoba chizobam God should fight for me. Female Igbo Nigeria
nkeiru nkeirumka Mine in the future’s greater.My future’s greater. Female Igbo Nigeria
Oseloka Olisaeloka God though it wise to give me a son. Male Igbo Nigeria
Banke Oluwabamike God help me take care of the child. Female Yoruba Nigeria
Olaitan Olamikintan My wealth’s unending. Female Yoruba Nigeria
Ayomide Ayomitide My joy has come. Neutral Yoruba Nigeria
Chidinma chimudimma My God is good. Female Igbo Nigeria
Chetachi Chetachukwu Remember God. Female Igbo Nigeria
Chinedu Chee-nay-du God leads Male Igbo Nigeria
Eseosa Eseosa God’s gift Neutral Edo Nigeria
Aderenle Ah-Deh-Ren-Lay “Ade”, the crown has headed home to roost Neutral Yoruba Nigeria
Biola Beyula We gave birth to wealth. Neutral Yoruba Nigeria
Etinosa Ety-no-sah God’s Power Neutral Edo Nigeria
Uyiosa OO-yi-oh-sah God’s honor Male Edo Nigeria
Orobosa Or-Ro-Bo-Sa In the hands of God Neutral Edo Nigeria
Azubike Azoo-bi-keh Literally,it means back is strength. Man’s strenght, power or prosperity lies in the offspring or decendants that he has. The name, Azubike, is given to celebrate procreation and to underscore the need for it. Male Igbo Nigeria
korede ko ray day bringer of good tidings Neutral yoruba Nigeria
Eke Eh-Kay The Ibo tribe refers God as “Chineke” meaning “God the Creator.” Eke means “Creation”. It is also a name given to a big market day in Igbo land Male Igbo Nigeria
Uzoma Uzo-oma Bright Future Male Igbo Nigeria
Udo Ooh-doh Peace Female Igbo Nigeria
Chukwudiogo Chukwu-di-ogo God is blessing Male Igbo Nigeria
Osakhare Osa-khare God said Male Edo Nigeria
Iheanacho What one is looking for. Male Igbo Nigeria
Adanze Ah-Dan-Zay The royal first daughter Female Igbo Nigeria
Olufunmilayo God gives me Joy Female Yoruba Nigeria
Oluwatoyin olu wa to yin God is worthy to be praised Neutral Yoruba Nigeria
Edosa Ede-osa God’s day Male Edo Nigeria
Ede E d e’ The crown Neutral Edo Nigeria
Adenike ade-ni-ke the crown is cared for Female yoruba Nigeria
Chidinma chee-dee-mma God is good Female Igbo Nigeria
Jideobi Ji-day-obi Unite the family Male Igbo Nigeria
Elojo Ele-Ojo God’s blessing Neutral Igala Nigeria
Chimnonso Cheem-nohn-soh My God is near Neutral Igbo Nigeria
Ekom-Abasi aykom abasi Thank God Neutral Ibibio Nigeria
Akaneno akanayno more than gift Neutral Ibibio Nigeria
Babatunde Baba-Tun-dey Reincarnation of my father Male Yoruba Nigeria
Ijeoma E-jaw-mah God speed Female Igbo Nigeria
Obinna Oh bin-naa The heart of his father Male Igbo Nigeria
Mbanefo Mba-nefo Let strangers praise you. Male Igbo Nigeria
Chetamnna Che-tam-nah Remember me Oh Lord. Neutral Igbo Nigeria
Oseghae Ose-gha-e It’s god that giventh Male Ishan Nigeria
Osemweoyenmwen Osemweoyenmwen Precious Female Edo Nigeria
Osaro Osaro There is God Male Edo Nigeria
Oziengbe Ozien-gbe He who has patience Female Edo Nigeria
Udoka u-doo-ka Peace is paramount Female Igbo Nigeria
Femi Fe- mi Marry me!!! Neutral Yoruba Nigeria
Amowie ah-mo-were morning rain Neutral Edo Nigeria


Dona ora. Grazie!




Znema Znema girl born on Teusday Female Fanti Ghana
Effe Ae-fae Friday Female Fanti Ghana
kwame kwame born on saturday Male Akan Ghana
Ewurama ei-woo-rah-mah born on saturday Female Fanti Ghana
Aba or Baaba aba or baaba born on thursday Female Fanti Ghana
Nkenge en ken gee brilliant Female Fanti Ghana
Twumi tjoemi protector Male ghanesian Ghana
Yaw djaw Boy born on Thursday Male Asante Ghana
Afua Efia Girl born on Friday Female Asante Ghana
Akosua A ko su aa girl born on sunday Female Asante Ghana
Abeeku Ah-bay-koo Born on Wednesday Male Fante Ghana
Aba Ah-Bah Born on Thursday Female Fante Ghana
kojo kojo born on monday Male fanti Ghana