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    17. Why have a family?

    We hear about love in a family, complaints in a family, problems in a family. Isn’t this because the family has its deepest roots in life and happiness? Modern psychology has shown the necessity of a loving family for the development of a child. Yes, we reach an age when it is considered normal to […] More

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    37. Does the Church help in the fight against Aids?

    Handing out condoms to teenagers and young adults is not an efficient way to stop the spread of AIDS. Studies show that condoms are used less often as the number of instances of sexual encounters increase. It is rather by developing responsible behavior and ethics about love that we will have the best defense in […] More

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    7. Is happiness only for married couples?

    Marriage is not the only context in which we can fulfill our capacity to love. Friendship and the giving of ‘self’ are also precious expressions of love. There are men and women who decide not to marry, not because they scorn or reject it but simply because they feel an exclusive call. For example, priests, […] More

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    5. Man Woman. Living the difference.

    The difference between a man and a woman is a gift of God. It is this difference that allows us to meet, to love and to support each other through life. Each and every one of our cells, without exception, carries male or female chromosomes. The sex of each one of us, the difference between […] More

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    33. Good and evil: am i not the only judge of all that concerns me?

    Man was created free and always relishes in himself the taste for freedom which is expressed, in particular, in his choices and decisions. It can even be said that an act is human only insofar as the act is free. Nowadays, many people think that because they are free, no one has the right to […] More

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