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    Our Common Humanity

    As pastors we are aware that the conversation about unborn life is sensitive, delicate and, indeed, painful for many.  We offer our reflections with the greatest of respect for everyone while wishing to make some points clearly and unambiguously. Fundamental right Every one of us has a right to our life.  It is not given […] More

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    Two Lives, One Love – Pastoral Message for 2018 on the right to life

    Having consulted carefully with members of the lay faithful, both women and men, the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference wishes to offer the following considerations as a contribution to the present national conversation on the right to life. The Catholic Church recently concluded a Jubilee Year of Mercy.  This initiative of Pope Francis was  celebrated by […] More

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    Abortion and subsequent mental health: Review of the literature

    The risk that abortion may be correlated with subsequent mental disorders needsacareful assessment,in order to offer women full information when facing a difficult pregnancy. All research papers published between 1995 and 2011, were examined, to retrieve those assessing any correlation between abortion and subsequent mental problems. A total of 36 studies were retrieved, and six […] More

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    The Baby I Would Never See

    I turned 16 just two months before I became pregnant in 1976. Getting pregnant was not in the cards and I was scared and embarrassed to tell anyone. Especially since I had a boyfriend, and he was not the father of my baby. I kept it a secret from everyone but two people for nearly […] More

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    Ethicist destroys pro-abortion argument that preborn ‘fetus’ isn’t a person

    Editor’s note: London-based ethicist Dr. Anthony McCarthy is the editor of the newly released book Abortion Matters. The book provides clear, convincing answers to the most fundamental questions relating to abortion, not least: why abortion is always wrong. Brendan O’Neill, in his article The Moral Infantilism of the Pro-Life Lobby, tells us that pro-lifers “never say […] More

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    Child sacrifice still exists among some tribes…but Western elites see no problem

    In April of 2018, archaeologists in Peru announced a horrifying discovery: Evidence of what appears to be the largest single mass child sacrifice in the world. Researchers uncovered the skeletons of 140 children between the age of five and fourteen years old, many with dislocated and twisted rib cages, indicating that their killers may have […] More

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