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    Girls don’t destroy your life (Queen)

    My name is Queen, I’m 24, my friend Blessing was 23. I swore to pay the travel cost form Nigeria to Italy, but they had not told me the truth, I thought that in Italy it would be easy to earn 60,000 euro. I wanted to work honestly. And my madame wanted me to become a […] More

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    Traditional Education Among Edos

    We continue to study Edo tradition, necessary to fight trafficking in Nigeria The Edo-speaking people of the old Benin Province and parts of Delta,Rivers and Ondo province and patrs of Delta,Rivers and Ondo Provinces belong to the Kwa language family groups of the Western Sudanic languages like Yoruba,Igbira,Igala and Ibo.They are divided into four groups […] More

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    Edo Tradition

    Like the ancient Greeks and Romans, the Edo society/village is divided into grades. Most times, these grades are age-based. There are rites of intiation into these grades. Your seniority in the grade depends on when you were initiated into the grade. The Edo grade are as follows: a) IKPOLO UGHE (Ikpolughe). This group is made […] More

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    All Villages, Town and Cities in Edo state

    Information against trafficking in Nigeria: also geography it’s important. AKOKO-EDO LOCAL GOVERNMENT 1. Akuku 2. Ewan 3. Utua-Ufa 4. Igarra 5. Samorika 6. Sasaro 7. Ago-Ogbodo 8. Ijaja 9. Okpe 10. Oloma 11. UNEME 12. Aiyegunle 13. Aiyetoro 14. Eshawa 15. Ogbe 16. Ogugu 17. Oneme-Nekhua 18. Onomu 19. Ugboshi-Afe 20. Ugoshi-Efi 21. OKULUSHO 22. […] More

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    Edo tradition

    Some Bini Fetishes or Jujus.-EMATON. -The Phallic Pillar, God and the Devil. – Marriage Customs.-Secret Societies. THE Bini call a wizard AZE but the Jakri word is OLOTCHO which is not very different from the word used by the BAVILI, i.e., NDOTCHI. A person accused of witchcraft is given the bark of the INYI pounded […] More

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    Benin City districts

    Other information for those who are working against trafficking of Nigerian girls in Europe BENIN DISTRICTS QUARTERS.The Provinces. -Benin City.-The King’s Compound. -Bronzes. DISTRICTS.THE OBA’S central province was bound by the riversOYISA, OKWO, OVIA, OLUKUN, AWREHOMO, and IKPOBA. From the city through this province to six outlying districts or provinces, six great roads led, and […] More

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