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trafficking and exploitation

Traces of Nkici-Ism among the Bini

We need to study Bini traditions to fight trafficking of Edo women… TRACES OF NKICI-ISM AMONG THE BINI TheWeek.-The Year.-The Seasons.-The Rivers.-A Temple.-Wells.Trees. -Omens. -Animals. THE BINI SEASONS. THE Bini have now eight days in […]

trafficking and exploitation

The Bini

Against trafficking it’s important to know the Bini story. CHAPTER XVII THE BINI King and Constitution. -Native Ideas.-The Queen Mother and the King-His Attendants. -Viceroys. -The War Chief. -Officers. -Titles of the OB.A. ALL have […]

trafficking and exploitation

Traditional Education Among Edos

We continue to study Edo tradition, necessary to fight trafficking in Nigeria   The Edo-speaking people of the old Benin Province and parts of Delta,Rivers and Ondo province and patrs of Delta,Rivers and Ondo Provinces […]