marriage and love

Why most families have 2 children

This could end up being a controversial post, but not intended to be. The average American household size is 2.5 persons with the average household having .90 children. Wow! When I looked up this statistic […]

bioethics and life

Is It Time To “Trot Out A Toddler?”

In his groundbreaking Pro-Life book, Persuasive Pro-Life, Apologist Trent Horn teaches pro-life ambassadors how to stay on message using a technique called “Trot Out A Toddler.” Most failed conversations about abortion happen when the pro-life […]

Education and culture

Child Trafficking in the world (2017)

American College of Pediatricians – November 2017 Children are the world’s future. Child trafficking, as with few other threats to their well-being, undermines the future of children, families, and societies. In the United States, it […]