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    Messaggio del Cardinal Schönborn ai giovani di Medjugorje

    Anche quest’anno il Cardinale di Vienna, S.E.R. Mons. Christoph Schönborn,  ha rivolto un pensiero a tutti i partecipanti all’Incontro Internazionale di Preghiera dei Giovani: «Cari giovani amici, vi siete nuovamente recati a Medjugorje in così gran numero. Nessuno vi ha ordinato di andare là con questa calura estiva. L’avete fatto perché era un desiderio del […] More

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    Message from Medjugorje 25-9-2022 (in 46 languages)

    1.English Medjugorje Message, september 25, 2022 “Dear children! Pray that the Holy Spirit may enlighten you that you be joyful seekers of God and witnesses of love without bounds. I am with you, little children, and, anew, I am calling all of you: take courage and bear witness to the good works that God is […] More

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    Message from Medjugorje 25-4-2017 (in 38 languages)

    1.English Medjugorje Message, April 25, 2017“Dear children! Love, pray and witness my presence to all those who are far away. By your witness and example, you can draw closer the hearts that are far from God and His grace. I am with you and intercede for each of you so that, with love and resoluteness, […] More

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    Message from Medjugorje 25-10-2017 (in 40 languages)

    1.English Medjugorje Message, October 25, 2017“Dear children! I am calling you to be prayer in this time of grace. You all have problems, afflictions, sufferings and lack of peace. May saints be models to you and an encouragement for holiness; God will be near you and you will be renewed in seeking through your personal […] More

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    Message from Medjugorje 25-8-2017 (in 40 languages)

    1.English Medjugorje Message, August 25, 2017“Dear children! Today I am calling you to be people of prayer. Pray until prayer becomes a joy for you and a meeting with the Most High. He will transform your hearts and you will become people of love and peace. Do not forget, little children, that Satan is strong […] More

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    Message from Medjugorje 25-6-2017 (in 40 languages)

    1.English Medjugorje Message, June 25, 2017“Dear children! Today, I desire to thank you for your perseverance and call you to open yourselves to profound prayer. Prayer, little children, is the heart of faith and is hope in eternal life. Therefore, pray with the heart until your heart sings with thanksgiving to God the Creator who […] More

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