trafficking and exploitation

Traces of Nkici-Ism among the Bini

We need to study Bini traditions to fight trafficking of Edo women… TRACES OF NKICI-ISM AMONG THE BINI TheWeek.-The Year.-The Seasons.-The Rivers.-A Temple.-Wells.Trees. -Omens. -Animals. THE BINI SEASONS. THE Bini have now eight days in […]

trafficking and exploitation

Glory, a child saves me (true story)

JANUARY – I have been exploited for nearly a year. I had to give 45.000 euros. I wanted to come to Italy to work and on the contrary, I was insulted and obliged to sell […]


I was hungry and you bought me

Everything started in the Eighties. The girl slave trade for sexual exploitation was one of the many illegal activities managed by Nigerians. Then it was consolidated in the decades to follow, becoming a significant and […]

trafficking and exploitation

Benin City districts

Other information for those who are working against trafficking of Nigerian girls in Europe BENIN DISTRICTS QUARTERS. The Provinces. -Benin City.-The King’s Compound. -Bronzes. DISTRICTS. THE OBA’S central province was bound by the rivers OYISA, […]

trafficking and exploitation

The Bini

Against trafficking it’s important to know the Bini story. CHAPTER XVII THE BINI King and Constitution. -Native Ideas.-The Queen Mother and the King-His Attendants. -Viceroys. -The War Chief. -Officers. -Titles of the OB.A. ALL have […]

trafficking and exploitation

Olokun male or female

Against trafficking of nigerian girls, is useful to know the vodun. This is an interesting article about it. TRANSLATION OF “RIVER GODDESS” 1. Olokun……….. (EDO LANGUAGE) 2.1. Mmuo Mmili …….. (IGBO LANGUAGE) 2.2. Eze nwaanyi […]

trafficking and exploitation

Girls don’t destroy your life (Queen)

My name is Queen, I’m 24, my friend Blessing was 23. I swore to pay the travel cost form Nigeria to Italy, but they had not told me the truth, I thought that in Italy […]

trafficking and exploitation

Traditional Education Among Edos

We continue to study Edo tradition, necessary to fight trafficking in Nigeria The Edo-speaking people of the old Benin Province and parts of Delta,Rivers and Ondo province and patrs of Delta,Rivers and Ondo Provinces belong […]

trafficking and exploitation

Edo Tradition

Like the ancient Greeks and Romans, the Edo society/village is divided into grades. Most times, these grades are age-based. There are rites of intiation into these grades. Your seniority in the grade depends on when […]