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    Letter from a mother to the politicians

    Dear policy-maker, dear politician,I am a woman and a mother. And I have a lot to tell you about I have worked during many years outside home and now I devote myself 100% to my family. Since I started working I felt that the entry of women to the workforce followed a masculine pattern and […] More

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    I am a Woman, I am a Mother: 10 Political Proposals

    Women of the World has launched the “I am a Woman, I am a Mother: 10 Political Proposals”. It is a simple and practical document in which we propose 10 necessary, reasonable and feasible policies. As you know, in Women of the World we believe that women contribute their feminine identity to different spheres, so we should […] More

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    Recreational sex poisons true love. Here’s why

    St. Benedict in his Rule tells the monk that all the possessions of the monastery are to be treated with the same care that a monk would give to the vessels of the altar. The monk owns nothing, not even his own body, or his own will, says the saint. The human body is a […] More

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    The Best Age for Pregnancy and Undue Pressures

    In western countries we assist at the paradox that fertility is socially discouraged by a mindset that depicts fertility as a resource to exploit as late as possible. So, couples have high expectative about the advantages of delayed parenthood, but they are scarcely informed about its risks. Scientific data suggests to anticipate the first pregnancy, […] More

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    The explosion of transgender teens

    A psychotherapist asks why the phenomenon has spread so rapidly.The epidemic of interest in enabling young people to “transition” from male to female or female to male is widely accepted by an uncritical media. But there are many critics. Here is an analysis of the phenomenon by a Jungian psychologist.The earliest written record from the […] More

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    Marriage: The Answer to the Rising Concern of Parentlessness

    Parentlessness is a great problem of both domestic and global concern. Parents ideally are the father and mother of a child who have and exercise legal and social responsibility for children – to support, educate, love, nurture, and rear them as members of their family.  Yet parentless or partial parentlessness is a persistent scourge of […] More

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