marriage and love

Why most families have 2 children

This could end up being a controversial post, but not intended to be. The average American household size is 2.5 persons with the average household having .90 children. Wow! When I looked up this statistic […]

Education and culture

The Crisis of Fatherless Shooters

In the wake of the Parkland massacre, the age-old question, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” has a newfound relevance. As another mass school shooting stuns Americans, it is time to talk about not just how […]

Education and culture

The explosion of transgender teens

A psychotherapist asks why the phenomenon has spread so rapidly. The epidemic of interest in enabling young people to “transition” from male to female or female to male is widely accepted by an uncritical media. […]

bioethics and life

Geneva Consensus Declaration

Geneva Consensus Declaration On Promoting Women’s Health and Strengthening the Family We, ministers and high representatives of Governments,Having intended to gather on the margins of the 2020 World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland to review […]