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    Female Genital Mutilations (FGM) – What are they?

    The phrase Female Genital Mutilations (FGM) refers to all forms of partial or complete removal of female external genitals, or other modifications of the female genital organs, performed for cultural or other non-medical purposes. FGMs are an extremely serious violation of women’s and girls’ human rights. They consist in the partial removal of a healthy […] More

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    Female Genital Mutilations (FGM) – assistance, medical treatment and support?

    Where can I find assistance, medical treatment and support? In Italy, you can find assistance and obtain medical treatments in all hospitals, clinics and family counselling. These are free services and are provided to women, girls and children even when they do not possess a permit of stay or other valid IDs. Since FGMs are […] More

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    Surrogacy: An LGBT Equality Advocate’s Perspective

    My name is Gary Powell. I have been an advocate for gay, lesbian and bisexual equality since my late teens. I also oppose surrogacy: both commercial surrogacy, and so-called altruistic surrogacy. I do not believe there is any universal human right to be a parent, and I do not believe that the campaign to legalise […] More