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    Prosecution of human trafficking in China (TIP 2019)

    The government decreased law enforcement efforts. The criminal code criminalized some forms of sex trafficking and labor trafficking. Various provisions of the criminal code could be used to prosecute sex trafficking offenses. Article 240 criminalized “the abduction and sale of women or children,” which included abduction by deceit, kidnapping, purchasing, selling, sending, receiving, and transferring […] More

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    China’s trafficking profile (TIP 2019)

    As reported over the past five years, human traffickers subject domestic and foreign individuals to trafficking in China, and they subject Chinese individuals to trafficking abroad. Traffickers also use China as a transit point to subject foreign individuals to trafficking in other countries throughout Asia and in international maritime industries. Well-organized criminal syndicates and local […] More

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    Prevention of human trafficking in Romania (TIP 2019)

    The government maintained prevention efforts. The government adopted a 2018-2022 national strategy and national action plan, focusing on prevention, victim protection, and anti-trafficking policies. While the action plan identified potential sources of funding, it did not allocate financial resources to any of the activities or goals. ANITP executed a national campaign focused on forced labor […] More

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    Protection against human trafficking in Romania (TIP 2019)

    The government decreased efforts to protect victims. Public officials and NGOs identified 497 victims in 2018, the lowest number of identified victims in more than a decade. Of these victims, 73 percent were female and 67 percent were victims of sex trafficking. As in past years, fewer than half of identified victims received assistance. Authorities […] More

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    Morocco’s trafficking profile (TIP 2019)

    As reported over the past five years, human traffickers exploit domestic and foreign victims in Morocco, and traffickers exploit Moroccan victims abroad. Documented and undocumented foreign migrants, especially women and children, are highly vulnerable to forced labor and sex trafficking in Morocco and as they transit through Morocco to reach Europe. Leggi questa nostra richiesta […] More

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    Prevention of human trafficking in Albania (TIP 2019)

    The government increased efforts to prevent trafficking. The government adopted the 2018-2020 national action plan. Observers reported ONAC coordinated anti-trafficking efforts but faced internal and external challenges. Leggi questa nostra richiesta di aiuto… SOSTIENI GLI AMICI DI LAZZARO E QUESTO SITO.Abbiamo davvero bisogno di te!IBAN (BancoPosta intestato ad Amici di Lazzaro)IT98P 07601 01000 0000 27608 […] More

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