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    47. And life after death?

    These witnesses do not tell us anything more than to point out a particular area of human consciousness in certain limited situations (coma, apparent death, etc.) Most people come out of this kind of experience with the desire to change their lives. Leggi questa nostra richiesta di aiuto… SOSTIENI GLI AMICI DI LAZZARO E QUESTO […] More

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    44. A person in a coma : what can be done? life support or euthanasia?

    Who can know what is going on in the mystery of the heart of a person who is suffering? Who dares to say that this person should no longer live? For Christians, perhaps there is, at this instant, an ultimate moment of meeting, of forgiveness, of offering or of love. Leggi questa nostra richiesta di […] More

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    46. What do I choose? Burial or Cremation?

    For the first Christians, the resurrection after death was a strong reality. They did everything they could to be able to bury the bodies of their dead. When we visit the catacombs in Rome, we are struck by the care and the faith with which the dead were buried. They are laid out as if […] More

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    36. Isn’t the Devil just a projection of our evil inclinations?

    “Evil is not only a deficiency [or the absence of good],”, explains Pope Paul VI, “but… a living [spiritual] being, who [is both] perverted and a perverter. A terrible reality. Mysterious and terrifying. He is enemy number one, tempter par excellence. We know that this obscure and frightening being really exists and that he is […] More

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    39. I regret what I did : Is it too late to do anything about it?

    No one is ever very far away from God: He is not able to stop loving us.« You will not be forgotten by me. I have swept away your transgressions like a cloud, and your sins like mist; return to me for I have redeemed you. » (Isaiah 44:21-22) Leggi questa nostra richiesta di aiuto… […] More

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    41. What sense is there in the life of a handicapped person?

    If we judge the value of a life according to criteria of efficiency, productivity and economy, society would tend to do away with those handicapped persons who are not useful and who cost a lot because they require so much care. Leggi questa nostra richiesta di aiuto… SOSTIENI GLI AMICI DI LAZZARO E QUESTO SITO.Abbiamo […] More

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