marriage and love

10. Why him? Why her?

When we see two people who are deeply in love with each other, we often think to ourselves that it makes sense because they have so much in common with one another; either they share […]

bioethics and life

24. When does human life begin?

Human life begins at the precise moment when the two half-cells, the sperm of the man and the ovum of the woman, meet and form the first cell of a unique being who will never […]

bioethics and life

1. Love, what is It?

Isn’t love what we all desire? How could we live without loving and being loved? Among the different expressions of love are friendship, dedication to a cause or to a person, the love of parents […]

faith and spirituality

Love is more than friendship

Friendship is the first level of love. When you love someone you know the happiness of being together. Nothing is done in the same way, because you are no longer alone even when you are […]