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    Message from Medjugorje 25-06-2016 (in 34 languages)

    1.English June 25, 2016 “Dear children! Give thanks to God with me for the gift of my being with you. Pray, little children, and live God’s commandments that it may be good for you on earth. Today, on this day of grace, I desire to give you my motherly blessing of peace and of my […] More

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    Message from Medjugorje 25-03-2015 (in 28 laguages)

    Medjugorje1. ENGLISH: March 15, 2015 “Dear children! Also today the Most High permits me to be with you and to lead you on the way of conversion. Many hearts have shut themselves to grace and have become deaf to my call. You, little children, pray and fight against temptation and all the evil plans which […] More

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    Message from Medjugorje 25-3-2021 (in 40 languages)

    1.English Medjugorje Message, March 25, 2021 “Dear children! Also, today I am with you to tell you: Little children, who prays does not fear the future and does not lose hope. You are chosen to carry joy and peace, because you are mine. I have come here with the name ‘Queen of Peace’ because the devil […] More

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    Message from Medjugorje 25-07-2016 (in 34 languages)

    1.English Medjugorje Message, July 25, 2016 “Dear children! I am looking at you and I see you lost; and you do not have prayer or joy in your heart. Return to prayer, little children, and put God in the first place and not man. Do not lose the hope which I am carrying to you. […] More

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    Message from Medjugorje 25-01-2015

    1. Message of January 25th 2015 “Dear children! Also today I call you: live your vocation in prayer. Now, as never before, Satan wants to suffocate man and his soul by his contagious wind of hatred and unrest. In many hearts there is no joy because there is no God or prayer. Hatred and war […] More

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    Message from Medjugorje 25-10-2020 (in 40 languages)

    1.English Medjugorje Message, October 25, 2020 “Dear children, At this time, I am calling you to return to God and to prayer. Invoke the help of all the saints, for them to be an example and a help to you. Satan is strong and is fighting to draw all the more hearts to himself. He wants […] More

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