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    I am a Woman, I am a Mother: 10 Political Proposals

    Women of the World has launched the “I am a Woman, I am a Mother: 10 Political Proposals”. It is a simple and practical document in which we propose 10 necessary, reasonable and feasible policies. As you know, in Women of the World we believe that women contribute their feminine identity to different spheres, so we should […] More

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    Surrogacy Contracts: A Blight on the Human Dignity of Surrogate Mothers and the Children they Bear

    Adeline Allen’s recent article focuses on the document at the crux of all surrogacy deals: the contract. Here, at the point where the two trade parties meet, we see the stark imbalance of the exploitative surrogacy industry in black and white. Allen argues that while there is a fundamental right for citizens to be free […] More

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    A Surrogate pregnancy is not the same as a natural pregnancy

    Dear Members of the Minnesota Legislature,Today I’ve been asked to bring my expertise to clarify the medical and psychological risks for surrogate mothers, and to explain the process it takes for these women to get pregnant.By way of background, I spent my first career in pediatric critical care nursing for nearly 20 years (at UCSF […] More