Trafficking and exploitation

Romania: TIER ranking: TIER 2 Watch list (TIP 2019)

The Government of Romania does not fully meet the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking but is making significant efforts to do so. These efforts include indicting more suspected traffickers and adopting a five-year […]

Trafficking and exploitation

Romania’ s trafficking profile (TIP 2019)

As reported over the past five years, human traffickers exploit domestic and foreign victims in Romania, and traffickers exploit victims from Romania abroad. Romania remains a primary source country for sex trafficking and labor trafficking […]

Trafficking and exploitation

Prevention of human trafficking in Romania (TIP 2019)

The government maintained prevention efforts. The government adopted a 2018-2022 national strategy and national action plan, focusing on prevention, victim protection, and anti-trafficking policies. While the action plan identified potential sources of funding, it did […]

Trafficking and exploitation

Prosecution of human trafficking in Romania (TIP 2019)

The government decreased law enforcement efforts. Articles 210 and 211 of the penal code criminalized sex trafficking and labor trafficking and prescribed penalties of three to 10 years’ imprisonment, which were sufficiently stringent and, with […]

Faith and spirituality

Act of entrustment to Mary – Pope Francis

Blessed Virgin Mary of Fatima, with renewed gratitude for your motherly presence we join in the voice of all generations that call you blessed. We celebrate in you the great works of God, who never […]