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    So that Rosary is Prayer with the Heart (Father Andrea Gasparino)

    Fr. Andrea Gasparino from Cuneo, Italy is famous for his teachings on prayer, which he has been holding for more than 40 years. He teaches the prayer of silence and of the heart, and has always called himself an enemy of oral prayer. In the following interview, held on Radio Maria, the Father clarifies some […] More

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    Mary asks us to be simple, humble and modest. (Interview with Vicka)

    We met on her birthday. She was serene, smiling, available. Also on that special day she did not want to miss her appointment with the pilgrims who wait for her at the blue stairs to hear her tell of her encounters with Our Lady. Leggi questa nostra richiesta di aiuto… SOSTIENI GLI AMICI DI LAZZARO […] More