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    Surrogacy: An LGBT Equality Advocate’s Perspective

    My name is Gary Powell. I have been an advocate for gay, lesbian and bisexual equality since my late teens. I also oppose surrogacy: both commercial surrogacy, and so-called altruistic surrogacy. I do not believe there is any universal human right to be a parent, and I do not believe that the campaign to legalise […] More

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    Women in India Suffer as They Serve as Surrogates

    Gujarat, a state in western India, once was known as the world’s dairy capital. But today it is the place to go to rent a womb.Gujarat is the site of almost half of India’s surrogacy market and is known by its critics, of which I am one, as a giant “baby factory.” I traveled to […] More

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    I was a Surrogate. I want people to know what’s really going on (Mary)

    Lahl: How did you find us? Leggi questa nostra richiesta di aiuto… SOSTIENI GLI AMICI DI LAZZARO E QUESTO SITO.Abbiamo davvero bisogno di te!IBAN (BancoPosta intestato ad Amici di Lazzaro)IT98P 07601 01000 0000 27608 157 PAYPAL Clicca qui (PayPal)SATISPAY Clicca qui (Satispay) Marie: I found your site when I was looking for help on the […] More