Being Friends of Lazarus is more than just volunteering. It is a journey that can be summarized in three words: friendship, prayer and service to the poor, the little ones, the simple ones. A love received from God that we would like to reciprocate and bring to those who are not loved or do not feel loved. Some non-believers collaborate with us but share the values ​​on which our service is based.

The ideal that drives us is the desire to meet all the people who live in situations of suffering and marginalization. From this love to the last comes the name Amici di Lazzaro.
Lazarus is the poor man mentioned by Jesus in the Gospels who dies in front of the rich man’s house, but he is also a real person: the friend of Jesus who is brought back to life.
For us it is an invitation to make friends even of those who are not materially poor, but seeks or has the right to a life full of serenity, values, affections, references, faith, listening, joy.

This is how we serve our children, young people and those who need to be educated, accompanied, listened to.

The needs around us are immense: material, human and spiritual needs, but home and work, education and rights are not enough to make people happy.

They are the love, friendship, listening and faith that we share that bring peace and joy. The poor teach us so much and many times we have to say thanks to them for what we receive, it is an exchange at par, as friends.

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