9. Is happiness possible with a man or a woman who is not free?

It is said that you cannot force love. So, what if I am attracted to someone who is not free to become involved in another relationship? Is happiness not more important than social rules?

  • In such a case, it would be better not to let the attraction turn into passion. Love is not something which is imposed on me by fate. There is always a moment when I can choose.

Do you really believe that someone who is already committed in a marriage relationship (1) and who tries to seduce you can truly fulfill his promises of love toward you?

  • As for myself, do I have the right to break up a marriage and a family and to make the judgment that they were unhappy together? Considering the suffering that this situation will bring to the children, at what price will I build this new relationship and (if there are children) what kind of life will I be able to give to them?
  • There will always be a great deal of suffering when one gets involved in a relationship with someone who is not unattached. And a great deal of effort will often be necessary to justify to others – and to yourself – a situation that was not right from the beginning.

Our human heart longs for more than a happiness in which the future is already compromised.

(1) The Sacrament of Matrimony is a life-time committment which often involves hard work in choosing to remain faithful to our spouse. The graces given to us in this sacrament can strengthen us to live through these difficult times rather than to seek other, easier relationships outside our marriage situation.

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