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    29 Over-population? Should developing countries be forbidden to have children?

    An enormous pressure is put on developing countries to diminish their birthrate. Measures are forced upon them which often run contrary to human respect. For example, a certificate of sterilization must be produced in order to get a job in certain societies. International organizations will only give financial aid on the condition that birth control […] More

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    23. Accident or Creation?

    So then we ask ourselves the question, ÒHow did we come to be? Is there something greater than this world and than mankind?Ó It is more difficult than we think to reject the hypothesis of God. To speak of “chance” as certain scholars have done is to make it into some kind of god. Some […] More

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    11. Is there one person out there made just for me?

    It’s a dream and a worry at the same time …Is the person I met really made for me? Does the one that I am dreaming of really exist and if so, how will I know? Sometimes the imagination tends to create an ideal image of the other: He or she has to be just […] More

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    8. Two people of the same sex love each other. Is it legitimate?

    It is important to differentiate between friendship and feelings of love. Obviously, friendship may exist between two boys or two girls. A true friend is a precious gift. In some people there is a permanent homosexual tendancy (which means a predominant or exclusive attraction to someone of the same sex) that seems to come from […] More

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    28. Why should we want a handicapped child to live?

    Will his life be happy or unhappy? It does not depend on the severity of the handicap. It does not depend on the number of cells in his brain. But it depends on his surroundings, because for him, as for each one of us, happiness is mainly to love and be loved. The child is […] More

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    35. Why does the Catholic Church make certain demands which run contrary to the opinion of many people?

    Isn’t it surprising that a large number of people, who ordinarily are not at all interested in the faith and teachings of the Church, suddenly become disturbed when she speaks out against abortion, the pill or in vitro fertilization. Is it not true that, deep down inside ourselves, we have doubts in our conscience, whenever […] More

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