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    2. How can we be sure that we really love someone?

    We know from experience that it is difficult to be sure. We do not always see clearly. It is not easy, in every case, to be sure of myself or my feelings and to have to depend on tangible proofs or signs. Love is not like an idea with a definition or like a physical […] More

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    19. Giving Life? Does It Just Mean Having Lots of Children?

    Having children, is of course the first way to give life… and it is a beautiful and extraordinary adventure. However, there can be other ways. Adoption is one example, or a couple’s commitment to society, or to the poor. Personal Experience   August 1982: How happy I am! I became a grand-mother. My daughter just […] More

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    32. How does erotic movies hurt relationships?

    Impurity blinds the heart and mind: Indeed, day after day, insidiously, men and women see each other as objects to be used for their personal pleasure. Our view becomes biased. Instead of discovering our fiance(e) or spouse in the fullness of their personality including their corporal, spiritual, emotional, intellectual and sensitive dimensions, we become set […] More

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    50. So then?What is happiness?

    We all aspire to be happy. All the choices which we make in life, ultimately, have one sole aim: happiness. The real question is, therefore, whether we can achieve happiness and how. More

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    34. Masturbation is a trap?

    First trap: you experience it for the first time for various reasons – out of simple curiosity or a brutal discovery of your sexuality, through reading, television, solitude, emotional compensation or by being led along by friends…. But the physical pleasure which goes with it, leads very quickly to a repetition and then multiplication of […] More

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    33. Good and evil: am i not the only judge of all that concerns me?

    Man was created free and always relishes in himself the taste for freedom which is expressed, in particular, in his choices and decisions. It can even be said that an act is human only insofar as the act is free. Very often our judgment is influenced by the most widespread opinion and behaviour of others. […] More

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