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    Prevention of human trafficking in China (TIP 2019)

    The government maintained minimal efforts to prevent 143 trafficking and carried out policies that perpetuated widespread forced labor. Authorities held a sixth annual inter-ministerial meeting to coordinate anti-trafficking efforts. MPS continued to coordinate the anti-trafficking interagency process and led interagency efforts to implement the National Action Plan on Combatting Human Trafficking, including ongoing research into […] More

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    Prevention of human trafficking in Romania (TIP 2019)

    The government maintained prevention efforts. The government adopted a 2018-2022 national strategy and national action plan, focusing on prevention, victim protection, and anti-trafficking policies. While the action plan identified potential sources of funding, it did not allocate financial resources to any of the activities or goals. ANITP executed a national campaign focused on forced labor […] More

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    Protection and prevention of human trafficking in Albania (TIP2018)

    PROTECTION The government maintained victim protection efforts. The government and NGOs identified 105 potential trafficking victims (95 in 2016). Of these, 49 were adults and 56 were children (51 adults and 44 children in 2016), 80 were female and 25 were male (84 females and 11 males in 2016), and nine were foreigners (eight in […] More

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    Protection and prevention of human trafficking in China (TIP2018)

    PROTECTIONThe government decreased efforts to protect victims. Unlike last year, the government did not report how many victims it identified during the reporting period, nor did it provide agencyspecific data, although media reports indicated authorities continued to remove some victims from their exploitative situations. The government reported maintaining at least 10shelters specifically dedicated to care […] More

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    Prevention of human trafficking in Albania (TIP 2019)

    The government increased efforts to prevent trafficking. The government adopted the 2018-2020 national action plan. Observers reported ONAC coordinated anti-trafficking efforts but faced internal and external challenges. The government maintained a multi-disciplinary working group and a separate task force to develop and monitor anti-trafficking policies. Twelve regional anti-trafficking committees comprising local officials and NGOs worked […] More

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    Protection and prevention of human trafficking in Italy (TIP2018)

    PROTECTIONThe government increased protection efforts. The Departmentof Equal Opportunity (DEO) coordinated protection efforts andreported government-supported NGOs assisted 1,354 potentialvictims in 2017, a significant increase from 851 victims assistedin 2016; however, this figure did not differentiate betweenvictims of trafficking and other forms of exploitation, and thusthe actual increase in trafficking victim identification is unclear.Of the total, […] More

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