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    Prosecution of human trafficking in Albania (TIP2018)

    The government decreased law enforcement efforts. Articles110(a) and 128(b) of the criminal code criminalized sex andlabor trafficking and prescribed penalties of five to 15 yearsimprisonment and a fine between two million lek ($18,080)and five million lek ($45,210), which were sufficiently stringentand, with respect to sex trafficking, commensurate with thoseprescribed for other serious crimes, such as […] More

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    Protection and prevention of human trafficking in Albania (TIP2018)

    PROTECTION The government maintained victim protection efforts. The government and NGOs identified 105 potential trafficking victims (95 in 2016). Of these, 49 were adults and 56 were children (51 adults and 44 children in 2016), 80 were female and 25 were male (84 females and 11 males in 2016), and nine were foreigners (eight in […] More

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    Trafficking in China (TIP2018)

    The Government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) doesnot fully meet the minimum standards for the eliminationof trafficking and is not making significant efforts to doso; therefore China remained on Tier 3. Despite the lackof significant efforts, the government took some steps toaddress trafficking, including by cooperating with internationalauthorities to address forced and fraudulent […] More

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    Prosecution of human trafficking in China (TIP2018)

    The government maintained insufficient law enforcement efforts.It continued to report statistics for crimes outside the definitionof human trafficking according to international law, making it difficult to assess progress. Not all statistics were captured bythe central government. The criminal code criminalized some forms of sex and labor trafficking. Article 240 of the criminal code criminalized “abducting […] More

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    Protection and prevention of human trafficking in China (TIP2018)

    PROTECTIONThe government decreased efforts to protect victims. Unlike last year, the government did not report how many victims it identified during the reporting period, nor did it provide agencyspecific data, although media reports indicated authorities continued to remove some victims from their exploitative situations. The government reported maintaining at least 10shelters specifically dedicated to care […] More

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    Trafficking in Morocco (TIP2018)

    The Government of Morocco does not fully meet the minimumstandards for the elimination of trafficking; however, it is makingsignificant efforts to do so. The government demonstratedincreasing efforts compared to the previous reporting period;therefore Morocco remained on Tier 2. The governmentdemonstrated increasing efforts by investigating and prosecutingmore trafficking cases and convicting slightly more traffickerscompared to the […] More

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