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    Help against female genitale mutilation (FGM)

    Here you can read what are FGM. If you are in need of protection or medical treatment, in Italy you have the right to free health assistance and legal advice. YOU CAN:– Go to the website:, where you will find an informative video.– Call the number 3494393267 YOU ARE ENTITLED TO THE FOLLOWING SERVICES:– […] More

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    Prosecution of human trafficking in Italy (TIP2018)

    The government increased law enforcement efforts. The 2003 Measures Against Trafficking in Persons law criminalized sex and labor trafficking and prescribed penalties of eight to 20 years imprisonment, which were sufficiently stringent and, with respect to sex trafficking, commensurate with penalties prescribed for other serious offenses, such as rape. The government did not disaggregate law […] More

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    Letter from a mother to the politicians

    Dear policy-maker, dear politician,I am a woman and a mother. And I have a lot to tell you about I have worked during many years outside home and now I devote myself 100% to my family. Since I started working I felt that the entry of women to the workforce followed a masculine pattern and […] More

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    Trafficking in Italy (TIP2018)

    The Government of Italy fully meets the minimum standardsfor the elimination of trafficking. The government continued todemonstrate serious and sustained efforts during the reportingperiod; therefore Italy remained on Tier 1. The governmentdemonstrated serious and sustained efforts by improvingcoordination among government agencies, internationalorganizations, and NGOs in identification of trafficking victimsupon arrival of irregular migrants by sea; […] More

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    Protection and prevention of human trafficking in Italy (TIP2018)

    PROTECTIONThe government increased protection efforts. The Departmentof Equal Opportunity (DEO) coordinated protection efforts andreported government-supported NGOs assisted 1,354 potentialvictims in 2017, a significant increase from 851 victims assistedin 2016; however, this figure did not differentiate betweenvictims of trafficking and other forms of exploitation, and thusthe actual increase in trafficking victim identification is unclear.Of the total, […] More

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