7. Is happiness only for married couples?

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Marriage is not the only context in which we can fulfill our capacity to love. Friendship and the giving of ‘self’ are also precious expressions of love.

  • There are men and women who decide not to marry, not because they scorn or reject it but simply because they feel an exclusive call. For example, priests, monks and nuns witness to the world that the love of God is above all other loves and that it is enough for them. There are also men and women in science, in politics and in other kinds of service who give themselves totally to their calling and who find happiness in the gift of themselves to this calling. Their fidelity to an ideal gives them deep personal satisfaction.

To forsake marriage for the Lord is a calling. Those who answer such a call live their lives just as fully and in complete happiness.

  • Certain people, however, who would have liked to get married, remain single. This is a hardship. Nevertheless, for every person there is a road to happiness. It may take some time to find it, but it exists. Often, the road is to be found in a generous heart and in openness towards others.

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