We are a small Catholic association made up of young people and adults who want to experience something that goes beyond simple volunteering.

The Friends of Lazarus are based on three fundamental pillars: friendship, prayer and service to the most needy, the poor, the simple.
It is a love that we have received from God and that we wish to give to those who feel excluded or devoid of love. Non-believers, but who share the values on which our commitment is based, also collaborate with us.

We want to reach out to all people who experience situations of suffering and marginalization.
It is precisely from this love for the last that “Friends of Lazarus” takes its name.
Lazarus is the poor man mentioned in the Gospels, who dies in front of the rich man’s house.
Lazarus is also a real character: Jesus’ friend who is brought back to life.

For us, being Friends of Lazarus means being friends also with those who are not materially poor, but who seek a life with more serenity, values, affections, points of reference, faith and listening.
Our commitment therefore also extends to children, young people and those who need to be educated, accompanied, listened to and to those persecuted for their faith.

The needs that surround us are enormous: material, human and spiritual needs.
However, housing, work, education and rights are not enough to make people happy.
It is the love, friendship, listening and faith that we share that bring peace and joy.