5. Man Woman. Living the difference.

The difference between a man and a woman is a gift of God. It is this difference that allows us to meet, to love and to support each other through life.

Each and every one of our cells, without exception, carries male or female chromosomes. The sex of each one of us, the difference between us, manifests itself throughout our entire being: our body, our feelings, our mind and our spirit. This difference, when added to the individual character of each one of us, causes us each to see things differently, and produces different kinds of reactions in men and in women.

  • This is why men and women do not always find it easy to maintain straightforward relations. Misunderstandings can arise: for example, a girl will more readily show tenderness towards her male friends, which a boy will often interpret as a sign of love. A boy will generally attach importance to appearances; for a girl, however, dressing in a seductive manner does not always indicate a desire to be provocative. On the other hand, a feeling or a compliment concerning her will rarely leave a woman indifferent. Finally, the very rhythms of a man and that of a woman, who is much more influenced by her own body, are very different and this can lead to misunderstandings.
  • Getting to know these differences allows each one of us to get to know ourselves better and to discover our own qualities and our own uniqueness. All this, however, has to be learned. Caution, and sometimes even a certain amount of reserve, are needed. Our intentions are sometimes ambiguous or perhaps immature. For instance, a flirtatious manner could be a way of testing whether we are capable of seducing someone just like everyone else.

How can we discover our real motivations? By seeking a real purity of mind. By looking for an appropriate way to dress. By choosing carefully what we read and how we spend our free time, and by developing what is best in ourselves?

It is not always wise to let ourselves be guided by our spontaneous feelings. Self-discipline does not work against friendship, on the contrary, it prepares us for real love.

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