Who exploit the Nigerian women?

Image by Mihail Mihaylov from Pixabay

The slave trade for sexual exploitation is, according to the United Nations, the third most profitable illigal activity in the world, coming after the arms and drugs traffic. It is widespread through the world. The Nigerian mafia is one of the most powerful and organised.

At the lowest level you have the maman (or madame); they are often ex prostitutes, who manage the girls when they arrive in Italy. They push them towards prostitution and collect the earnings. The girls are compelled to refund the exorbitant “debt”, ranging from 50,000 to 80,000 Euro. Each service they make “costs” up to a maximum of 20 Euro, often less.

At the higher levels in this network – which is spreading between Italy and Nigeria – the men take overthe power. They look after the logistics of this trade from Benin City to Lagos and from there to Europe, passing through Paris, but also from Amsterdam and Madrid to finally end up in Turin

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