bioethics and life

48. Is it necessary to be christian to be saved?

In reading the Gospels, the Church teaches that God promises eternal life in the joy of His presence to everyone of goodwill(1). Sometimes we welcome Jesus without really knowing him. These are the words of […]

bioethics and life

47. And life after death?

These witnesses do not tell us anything more than to point out a particular area of human consciousness in certain limited situations (coma, apparent death, etc.) Most people come out of this kind of experience […]

bioethics and life

46. What do I choose? Burial or Cremation?

For the first Christians, the resurrection after death was a strong reality. They did everything they could to be able to bury the bodies of their dead. When we visit the catacombs in Rome, we […]

bioethics and life

43. What’s the meaning of suffering?

Personal Experience For a number of months, I was assailed with anxieties: doubt, guilt, discouragement I tried to resist them with small acts of faith, but I had to do so repeatedly and my difficulties […]

bioethics and life

31. What is Original Sin?

God created man and woman in His image so that they may be happy both in daily human life and as children of God, sharing in God’s life and finding fulfilment through an unselfish gift […]

faith and spirituality

34. Masturbation is a trap?

First trap: you experience it for the first time for various reasons – out of simple curiosity or a brutal discovery of your sexuality, through reading, television, solitude, emotional compensation or by being led along […]