16. Having children today, Isn’t it crazy?

Many people ask themselves this question. One can understand why when looking at the problems we face in the world: economic crisis, ecological deterioration, under-development, war, etc.

  • But the question is more involved than this. In a way, it is always a risk to have children; it is a leap into the unknown. Will we be able to educate them, to give them the necessary means – materially and also spiritually – to live? Can we give them the means to be happy? etc. These questions make us turn back to ourselves: Are we happy? Our own life – does it have meaning? If not, how do we justify giving to others what we do not even have ourselves?
  • If bringing children into the world is always risky, it is also, perhaps, and above all, an act of trust. Of trust in human beings who are capable of being better. Of trust in life and, for the Christian, in the life that is God Himself. As soon as man and woman begin a new life, God is involved. At this moment, a new human being is the object of His concern and His love.
  • The new life is not limited to a certain number of years of suffering and/or joy. Life is meant to be without end. We are called to happiness for eternity. Man and woman give life for eternity! If this is truly the case then giving life is not crazy; it is the most beautiful gift that one can imagine!

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St. Francis of Assisi’s prayer praising Mary the Mother of Jesus

40. Why do I have to live when I didn’t ask to be born?