Friends in prayer. An easy way to discover God’s closeness

In early January 2020, given the many prayer requests that I received via text message, email and social media, I asked some virtual friends to join in prayer every day with a decade of the Rosary (1 Our Father – 10 Ave Maria – 1 Glory to the Father). A very simple thing.
The response was very good in a few days about 30 people joined. This then spread to friends in other parts of the world and the first group in Italian was joined by the group in French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Romanian.
The group expanded and friends came in prayer from over 15 countries (now we are 40 countries).
The mechanism is simple.
You save the number +393404817498 and ask to be entered indicating your preferred language, you will receive a simple message every week in which there are:

  • thanksgiving prayers
  • updates on cases we have prayed for
  • prayer requests for people or situations

And you start praying daily knowing that others in the world are doing the same thing with you.
Obviously, those who pray generally become more sensitive to the needs and good around them and begin to send thanks or report new intentions and needs for which to pray.
All very simple.
I believe it is an aid to personal prayer that makes it less arid, filling it with faces, situations, concrete cases that we entrust to God every day.
It is a way to find hope and strength and then commit ourselves in daily life to do everything possible to soothe the fatigue and pain of those close to us. Trusting in God for the things in which we can do little or nothing.

I just have to ask you who read, what’s stopping you from starting?
It’s that simple. It is so beautiful to pray with friends in prayer!
If you don’t feel like praying for now, you can still entrust us with your prayer requests.
We will pray for you!

Paolo Botti – Friends of Lazzaro

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