Fleeing war and violent conflict

Many girls, as well as boys, described fleeing war and conflict as prompting their migration, as the situation in their country became too unstable and dangerous. These migratory decisions were often precipitated by a sudden and traumatic act of violence, such as the death of a close family member, and the decision to leave made suddenly, without planning.

Pauline, 23, from Cameroon, explained: “My objective, what triggered me to immigrate is war. I lived in a country where there is war.” Many girls found it difficult to share these traumatic experiences, preferring instead to focus on describing the next phase of their journey. Those who were forced to flee suddenly and with little preparation often faced significant challenges as they traveled; their already vulnerable status was exacerbated by a lack of money, supplies, or plans

from: “Girls on the move in North Africa” (SAVE THE CHILDREN)

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