Prevention of human trafficking in Albania (TIP 2023)

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The government decreased efforts to prevent trafficking.  The national coordinator led the Office of the National Anti-Trafficking Coordinator (ONAC) and overall anti-trafficking efforts.  The State Committee against Trafficking in Persons, composed of relevant ministry representatives, was responsible for monitoring and implementing various anti-trafficking efforts; the State Committee did not meet in 2022 or 2021.  The government also maintained the National Anti-Trafficking Task Force, composed of ministry officials, civil society representatives, and other participants that monitored the NRM; the NRM met once in both 2022 and 2021.  The government implemented the 2021-2023 NAP and allocated 412.6 million leks ($3,874,000) for its implementation.  ONAC produced a report assessing the implementation of the NAP but did not publish or share its findings.  Civil society observers reported limited government coordination efforts to prevent trafficking.  Twelve regional anti-trafficking committees, comprising local officials and NGOs, worked on local victim assistance and referral mechanisms.  The Advisory Board of Victims of Trafficking consisted of three survivors that provided recommendations on anti-trafficking efforts and participated in awareness campaigns.  Observers reported the Advisory Board was more active in 2022 due to funding from a foreign donor.  The government, sometimes in cooperation with NGOs and international organizations, conducted awareness campaigns for students, government officials, the public, and teachers.  The government maintained a legal framework for regulating and licensing private sector employers and recruitment agencies, including prohibiting worker-paid recruitment fees.  However, labor inspectors did not have authority to inspect informal work activities, including unregistered businesses.  Law on public procurement disqualified companies – including administrative personnel, leadership, or supervisory bodies – convicted of trafficking or exploitation of children from competition for public contracts.  The government’s anti-trafficking’s hotline had not functioned since 2020 and the government did not report making efforts to operationalize or manage it.  The government did not make efforts to reduce the demand for commercial sex.

from 2023 Trafficking in Persons Report – U.S. Department of State

2023 Trafficking in Persons Report – United States Department of State

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