Story of Nigerian women forced into prostitution in Italy

Image by abczola from Pixabay

Rose, 21, is staying in a shelter for victims of sex trafficking in Italy. Roves was forced into prostitution in Libya for four years after being raped by traffickers. She was 17 when she left Nigeria. A madam approached her to work as a babysitter in Europe. Before she was taken to Libya, two men deflowered her and she was taken to a house in Libya where she was gored by several men.”

Glory is welcomed with her daughter Helen. Shortly after arriving in Italy (by boat) from Nigeria, she was taken by traffickers from the Lampedusa reception center. She reported the madam and her traffickers to the authorities and managed to escape, but her family back home is still pressuring her about her debts. She ended up sharing a flat with other girls and a 33-year-old Nigerian woman who had been sold to traffickers by her alleged boyfriend. Her friends offered her a ‘good job’ in Europe and the opportunity to provide money for her family and children.

Osas worked as a prostitute in Milan for four years before reporting her trafficking to the authorities. Every month he had to pay his madam Judith €300 for a place to stay on the street, €300 for the rent of the house (kitchen) where he slept, and about €50 a week for food. “Other costs such as electricity and gas also cost about €300 a month. The only thing left was to pay off the €50,000 debt’ In December, she called an ambulance when she felt unwell and found out in hospital that she was four months pregnant. Now she’s free. Study and works. She decide to stop her sisters: “Better to stay in Nigeria and learn a technical job as a programmer or PC repairer”

Success, a 21-year-old Nigerian woman, bathes her four-year-old son Peace in a shelter in Turin. Success, from Benin in southern Nigeria, left Nigeria when she was 19 and three months pregnant. A woman offered her a job in a foreign market, but as soon as she arrived in Italy, the woman she was traveling with took her into the forest, forced her to change her clothes and tried to make her work as a prostitute. She refused success and people helped her escape.

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