Girls don’t destroy your life (Queen)

My name is Queen, I’m 24, my friend Blessing was 23. I swore to pay the travel cost form Nigeria to Italy, but they had not told me the truth, I thought that in Italy it would be easy to earn 60,000 euro.

I wanted to work honestly. And my madame wanted me to become a prostitute. My madame said that I should thank her because she had brought me to Italy. But what kind of help? For her, I wasted 3 years of my life on the streets, in NightClub. I have experienced great suffering and humiliation.

One day my friend Blessing had an accident while she was in the car with a client. I was very impressed by her death. My madame a month later had already bought a new girl. I thought and prayed so long as an Italian priest convinced me to ask help to the Friends of Lazarus. Now they are helping me to find a job and I even got permit of stay.

I have no fear of voodoo because God is stronger : I would say to other girls who are still on the street to say yes to life and no to their exploiters. Don’t die like Blessing and many other girls who have destroyed their life.


We are voluteers of the Catholic Association Friends of Lazarus. Since 1997 we meet and provide aid to women who live difficult situations.

We offer help and information :

  • to learn Italian,
  • to look for a job,
  • to find support  if your husband or your partner use violence on you,
  • to find a way out if you are a victim of exploitation,
  • for legal advice if you have problems with documents and with the italian law,
  • for economic support, especially if you are pregnant or have a small child.

Our association operates through a network with Caritas and many other associations in Italy and abroad. Therefore, if you want, you can also ask your relatives for assistance in Sudan, Nigeria, Cameron, Albania and Romania.

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