Glory, a child saves me (true story)

gloryJANUARY – I have been exploited for nearly a year. I had to give 45.000 euros. I wanted to come to Italy to work and on the contrary, I was insulted and obliged to sell my body as a prostitute. In Nigeria, I had never seen one. The nights on the street were all ugly cold. One evening, I never forget what happened that changed my life. Two white men have fallen quickly from one car. I didn’t have enough time to escape. A few days later I was raped I discovered I was pregnant. I was young, too young to become pregnant. But I wanted the baby. Nobody gave me courage and my madame and the other girls told me to abort. But why I to do it? The baby would be born. One night I met the girls of the Friends of Lazarus. They told me they could help me to keep babies and start a new life. And that child in me gave me the strength to leave the road and realize that my life was more important than money, fears, stronger than voodoo and threats.

MAY – I was a slave and now I am free. Almost at the third month, I lost the baby. I think it was as an angel came to free me. I was released and then returned to Paradise. Jesus came to give freedom to slaves and now I am free again.

ABOUT US: We are volunteers of the Catholic Association Friends of Lazarus. Since 1997, we meet and provide aid to women who live difficult situations.

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  • to learn Italian,
  • to look for a job,
  • to find support if your husband of your partner use violence on you,
  • to find a way out if you are a victim of exploitation,
  • for legal advice if you have problems with documents and with the Italian law,
  • for economic support, especially if you are pregnant or have a small child.

Our association operates through a network with Caritas and many other associations in Italy and abroad. Therefore, if you want, you can also ask your relatives for assistance against trafficking in Sudan, Nigeria, Cameron, Albania and Romania.

Prosecution of human trafficking in Italy (TIP2018)

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