Europe a Paradise? Don’t believe to all the stories!

Foto di M Harris da Pixabay

Did someone promise you A BETTER LIFE BY GOING TO EUROPE? WARNING TO WOMEN! This folder is meant to explain to women the possible dangers involved in migrating to Northern and Western Europe.  Know This ….

There have been many women with dreams like yours.

Maria couldn’t find work which would enable her to support her child and parents. Her future held no hope. All she could look forward to was poverty. She took a chance and signed a contract with an agency, which promised her a job as a cultural dancer in Europe. When she arrived in Holland her dreams turned to dust. The job didn’t exist and she was forced into prostitution in a nightclub.

Theresa joined a correspondence club in the hope of finding a rich foreign husband. Her penpal invited her to Germany, just as she’d hoped. But when she arrived, she was very disappointed. Her future husband turned out to be not only much older but also an alcoholic and he beat her up.

A Belgian tourist promised Lita a secretarial job in his hotel. But when she arrived, he took away her passport and forced her into prostitution.
Countless other women can tell you similar stories

Ask for information and help from the person who gave you this folder!

Why this warning

In Northern and Western European countries we meet many unhappy girls and women from abroad.

Those have been promised
a pleasant job
a high salary
a happy marriage


So they believe that in a short time they will get rich and can return to their own country to help their poor relatives.


1. There is a high level of unemployment, so it is difficult for you to get a good job.

2. You need a working permit, a residence and/or an entry permit.

3. For many women like you their job is underpaid; often they end up in prostitution.

4. The risk of getting HIV / AIDS is very high.

5. Beautiful promises are false and not kept.

Be aware !

Make sure your documents are accurate in order.


1. Make sure that you know the names and addresses of the people recruiting you. Find out if they are legal.

2. Contact the embassy of the country of your destination. Ask if your future employer exists and if he is trustworthy.

3. Get in touch with groups/institutions in your country working for migrant workers. Get as much information as you can. You may need their help when you return.

4. Inform your family and friends of your departure date, destination address, names of the group or people you are travelling with and give them a recent photo of yourself.
Your passport is yours !

5. When you get into trouble ask for a lawyer, even if your passport has been taken from you.

6. According to International Law, you have a right to do so, regardless of your problems and situation.

Never give your passport to anybody !

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